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Review byBen Jones23/07/2009
Located in Bournemouth’s more exclusive west-end, Klute Lounge is the chic boutique bar for those who want a less rowdy night on the tiles. Dress up and expect a hefty bar bill.

The Venue
Supposedly named after the 1971 detective film, Klute, you too could need a detective to locate this bar's whereabouts. Found on the slope towards a car park, and sandwiched between two restaurants, the only telling sign is the queue of well-dressed people.

The main area is on the first floor and is very limited in space. A relatively small bar manages, somehow, to take up an inordinate amount of space while the queues that quickly form around it further reduce room for movement. A VIP booth in the far corner though, is arguably one of the best in Bournemouth which is ironic because it's unlikely you'll need to escape from any charged-up bopping inside the relatively subdued Klute Lounge.

A second floor serves as a much needed overflow. This section, called Funki Sushi, is a seafood restaurant by day and never a particularly atmospheric bar by night. However, its roof-top terrace is possibly the best smokers' area in the whole of Bournemouth, overlooking much of the town and the gardens to the east.

This late night bar lives up to its name, come to Klute Lounge and all you're likely to do is lounge, all be it in the best style in Bournemouth.

The People
Due to its more upmarket aura this place is popular with a slightly older generation (35+). This is not to say, though, that it's always so laidback. On Thursdays, which is student night, expect an array of young mini-skirted students swaying about to a mish-mash of R'n'B and hip-hop.

The Friday and Saturday night regulars aren't short of a red note or two, and so bar staff are helpful and always ready to please. Service is great if at times a bit slow due to queues.

The Music
This bar isn't renowned for its music and perhaps rightly so. Light and deep house and R'n'B are the substance for movement – weak, but in line with the generally more laidback atmosphere.

Guest DJs are a rare sight and the music is very much second best here. With its tiny dancefloor, further dissected by pillars, leaves little room for even a shuffle around your handbag. All this simply helps to create what is sometimes referred to as a pretentious atmosphere.

The Food and Drink
Relatively cheap entry, often £3 on a Friday and Saturday and £4 on Thursday, will be a fond memory once you get to the bar. Drinks here are, to put it bluntly, expensive.

Expect to pay £7 for any cocktail. To be fair, the list is extensive with many interesting names and combinations on offer. A favourite during the summer is rum and ginger punch, a combination of ginger and lime with pineapple juice and Mount Gay Rum.

Wines range from cheap reds (Cabernet Sauvignon at £11 a bottle) to distinctive French whites at £22. The price of spirits is in line with many of the other upmarket bars around town, although a particular favourite is the Grey Goose Vodka (£120 a bottle).

You can also expect to pay in excess of £4 for the bottled beers and lagers on tap. If you're a student things are a lot cheaper on Thursdays when you can get selected beers and vodka for £1.50.

Although the bar doesn't serve food its sister restaurant, Funki Sushi, sits above and serves Japanese cuisine during the daytime ranging from geng nok soups (£3.50) to Asian grill steaks (16.95).

One lasting reminder of the prices comes with the top champagne on offer. Louis Roderer Crystal-2000 Vintage at £300 a pop is certainly a bank breaker.

The Last Word
This is somewhere to splash you cash and look cool. Head to Klute Lounge if your wallet is weighing you down and you don’t feel much like dancing.
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