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Review byNina Patel11/06/2001

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Four out of five stars

A very funny film in English that offers all Indians abroad an opportunity to confront some of the prejudices we hold about our own culture.

The story is set in New Jersey where our hero Krishna, who insists on being called Kris, is leaving for university to study engineering. Played by Deep Katdare, Kris is a coconut: He loves his parents but hates Indians and so is an 'ABCD', An American Born Confused Desi.

On his first day at college Kris is shocked to discover that all of his room mates are brown. He is further embarrassed by one of his lecturers, a Mr Rao, who is a typical Indian away from his natural habitat.

Kris cringes when he sees Mr Rao washing his mouth and hands at the cafeteria table after a tiffin lunch and at his habit of lecturing with his flies open.

So far fresher's week is a total disaster for Kris, and then he meets fellow student Nina, played by Purva Bedi. He falls for her big time but, oh no, she speaks Hindi and is into Indian culture! With the help of his pals Kris attempts to cook an Indian meal and learns how to dance the Garbha to try and get closer to his Radha.

A refreshing low budget film, which is well written and directed by Piyush Dinker Pandya. Good music, good choreography by Smita Patil, good performances, basically a fun film complete with stereotypes from Mumbai.

What more do you want yar?

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