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1-15 St Peters Road,

(01202) 318 693

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Reviewer JodieM
Went here in July for my boyfriend's 21st birthday, we hired a VIP area, which was located by the entrance of the club, as there was a big group of us.
The club itself was nice, the area we had was nice, spacious, and the music was good.
We had our own waitress all night who was also good, however, later on in the night some guys kept trying to enter our area, (the security did nothing about this, even though we had paid for the area) so as some of the guys I was with told them it was VIP it resulted in a fight and all of us (even though we didn't start it) were kicked out.
The security were very violent, they dragged some of the guys I was with out by the neck, the next day their were marks all around my boyfriends neck from being taken out violently by a bouncer even though he wasn't involved!
My boyfriend's brother was hurt badly and had to be taken to hospital, and after we tried to take it to court the security claimed the CCTV "wasn't working that night". We were very good customers and feel like our area should have been protected better, I was also very annoyed that the club didn't bother to help us with the CCTV!

Once we were kicked out, a few of the girls had left their bags and coats inside and was not allowed to re-enter to get them! They had to bring them to us!

Would not go here again, security are awful, violent and don't do their job properly, especially as we were such good customers and spent a lot in the club!

I don't recommend this club!
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Reviewer velvet
Music upstairs can be a laugh, chart/cheesey tunes. This place is good if you are single and don't mind being groped on the dance floor, but it gets pretty tiring if you want to just have a dance with your mates without being hassled. The men there don't seem to understand what 'no' means, just look at girls as if they are meat. This gets worse when you need to go for a pee as you have to go downstairs through the RnB floor to reach the toilets, where most of the song lyrics are blaring out 'fu*king girls on the dance floor', so the men try their best to do just that. Nice. So depends what your agenda for the evening is. If you want to boost your self-esteem then this place is probably great.
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Reviewer kezzi
an amazing night out every time. The best music in any club around.
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Reviewer Anonymous
What a place to have a boogie, good boozing sessions and a great night among friendly people. Wicked!
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